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A 2020 Landscape

digital photos


Moving from Vermont in the Summer of 2020 in the height of the protests and pandemic. Newly living in New York state again 2020-2021.


digital photos, D90


Series of photographs of woods in Vermont from 2019-2020.

I believe the foliage is documenting me just as much as I am documenting it.

Toledo/ Altered Spaces Spruce Peak Gallery

B&W digital photos, D90


Ongoing series of photographs created during return visits to my childhood home. Over the years I have created this body of work while traveling toward, staying in, and moving away from Toledo Ohio. I usually only return when there is a death.

The Lonely Image Series/Sojourn at SPACE Gallery

B&W digital photos, D90


"A study of solitary places, overlooked snow detritus, and forgotten moments in time within winter. As a witness, Heffern testifies on behalf of the ignored and forgotten objects and landscapes that present to us in our everyday. The ordinary thing is often viewed as unworthy, but she sees the interstitial spaces people inhabit as divine. These spaces may go unrecognized, but they are the very glue that tethers us, as we sleepwalk through moments to whatever distraction comes next– these spaces will still be here as a lonely support that carries us from mundane reality to chosen fantasy. "  -curator, Wiley Sofia Garcia

Following Light

D90, 11-20mm, long exposure

Beaver Dam Residency, Richmond, Vt.