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Video projections, live worms

2016 with Rebecca Weisman

A site-specific installation, inspired in part by the concepts of Dark Ecology. The site includes a transparent surface, suspended from the ceiling, creating a platform for combined projected images and live indigenous insects- forming a moving tapestry. Viewers become participants as they are positioned below the still life and watch from a bed of garden mulch up and into a dreamlike realm. Trapped between the microcosm and macrocosm, the viewer has to navigate their own role in the still life.  The exhibit's goal is to immerse the viewer in a cycle of impermanence and layered levels of representation within the concept of "nature".


Video projection, sound, and audience generated-footage

2013 with Rebecca Weisman

A site-specific installation that took place over three days at the Design Center at Goddard College activated this historic building designed by 1970’s Vermont architect David Sellars and built by Sellars and his students, and now in disrepair. A three-story video projection of iron sand taken from an abandoned mine fills the windows, asking the viewer to consider how we might mine the site for future inspiration and find value in what is hidden, unrefined, and overlooked. Audience generated footage is projected via live feed from a Go Pro camera embedded in a miner’s hat that participants can wear as they explore condemned parts of the building.


Dinner party as spectacle, video projection, sound, audience generated-footage


A performative dining installation. Is it acceptable for a diseased person to perform medical procedures in front of the public? The event will highlight and make visible the private experience of living and eating as a Type 1 diabetic. 

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